The Corvette Australia Express Parts Story

The Corvette Australia Express Parts online shop was birthed out of a local Brisbane  family’s passion for restoring Corvettes.  The founders were frustrated with the quality and availability of Corvette Parts in Australia. Initially, they started importing; custom designing and manufacturing for their own corvette maintenance and restoration requirements.

It did not take long for them to be approached by other Corvette owners and lovers from around Australia for help. Thus the Corvette Australia Express Parts store was born.  Based in South East Queensland Corvette Express parts Australia, ships Corvettes Parts all Australia, even offering free delivery. They also provide support and corvette part advice to their customers via their Facebook  page or website.

The success of the business model here in Australia has seen the proudly Australian company expand their Corvette Parts  e-store to Corvette  restoration customers in the United States of America.  All USA purchasers please order from the US store website.

An exciting new development is also in the wings.  In response to an identified unmet need in the industry, the Corvette Australia Family is poised to launch its new range of car exhaust systems.  The range will proudly feature some of their own designs. Visit PowerMAX exhaust for your specialist exhaust system requirement

If you live in America please use our Corvette America Store